Crazy Tom

    Tom Hark

8 dancers in a set
    2 strikes (forehand, backhand) with partner
    2 strikes middles facing ends
    2 strikes middles facing each other (ends with partner)
    2 strikes with partner

Clash and Cross 
    clash with partner on count 1, and pass right shoulders, turn right to be in partners place by count 4
    clash with partner on count 5, and pass right shoulder, turn right to be home
    repeat passing left shoulder, turning left
Cross and Half-Rounds (same as for Eveshome)
    clash with partner on count 1 and pass right shoulders, turn right and go half-way round the set by count 8
    repeat, passing left shoulders turn left to get home
Crazy 8
    everyone turn as if to go clockwise around the small set (top 4 or bottom 4)
    people in positions 4 and 5, clash and pass by right shoulder, everyone else move forward following
    4 and 5 have switched from top/bottom small sets, and lead circling in a counterclockwise direction
    as each person reaches position 4 or 5, they clash and cross to the other small set, and continue to follow the person in front of them, circling counterclockwise
    when the original 4 gets to postion 6 and original 6 gets to position 3, they clash and pass right shoulders, switching top/bottom small sets
    this time clash with each person (4) as you pass them until you get home (there will be 7 beats with a clash)

Grand Rounds (similar to Outside Hey in Drowsy Maggie)
    middles face each other, and tops and bottoms face partner
    clash and pass right shoulder, with next person clash and pass left shoulder, continue alternating until you get home.
    stick should be held in two hands for this. surge-pause. make the circle somewhat round.

    at completion of final chorus, there is a musical finale. Dancers should step back then forward (maybe leap) and clash on the very last beat.